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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We have got you covered with our Professional Indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) shields your business in case of potential financial losses resulting from legal liability.

How can you be at risk?

You could be exposed to risk if it is alleged that you have given wrong advice or acted negligently, causing your client to lose money.

How do we protect you?

By providing coverage for:

  • Actual or Alleged Negligent Act or Omission (including errors, misstatements, misleading statements, breach of duty, breach of confidentiality in the performance of or failure to perform Professional Services)
  • Unintentional Infringement of any Intellectual Property Right of any Third Party, other than Patents and Trade Secrets
  • Defamation – Libel or Slander committed unintentionally
  • Defence Costs in defending claims

  • What do we need?

    • Duly filled Proposal Form
    • CV of Key Principals
    • Company Profile or Official Website
    • Latest Financial Statements
    • Standard Contract/Client Service Agreement
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