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Our International Reach

Our International Reach

Building International Networks

SWAN invests in other insurance companies to boost our success, allowing us to develop more quickly and efficiently than our competitors. When we invest in other companies, we work within their operations and organisational culture, sharing our extensive knowledge of running a successful insurance business.

Our international presence began to grow in 2006, when we acquired a strong minority stake in SACOS – a leading Seychelles insurer. Our international footprint has expanded since then.

In 2009, in joint venture with a leading CAC40 partner, we began delivering outsourced customer-relations services to French financial institutions, spurring new services for clients.

We later launched captive reinsurance operations for large corporate and institutional customers across Africa. We have been managing insurance activities in Madagascar and the Comores since 2013.

In 2013, we also began to invest in the rapidly developing African insurance market, strengthening our presence and reputation by servicing insurance-related requests from the East African Community and Southern African Development Community (SADC) jurisdictions.

Through APRICA, SWAN invests in insurance companies in sub-Saharan Africa. Our focus there is to grow our capital and pass on our technical insurance expertise, to enhance the investee’s growth and differentiating drivers.

We focus on building partnerships with organisations whose proven track records in their fields can add value to our overall product and service offering.

Contact us to find out more about our international network of insurance specialists.

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