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Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

Our values: Passion, People, Performance

People who work for SWAN have a clear sense of purpose.

Everything we do is aimed at enabling our customers to Protect prudently what they have acquired and to powerfully Provide for aspirations that are still to be met.

SWAN has over 600 employees and agents who share a single focus: to help our clients and customers make Progress in their lives; to Prosper and, ultimately, to enjoy the Freedom that only comes from being unencumbered by financial pressures.

We know that our employees are the key to helping us achieve our mission. To reinforce this, we are committed to providing a great working environment, with all the support our employees need to increase their knowledge and capabilities for the benefit of the individual and for our clients too.

SWAN employees can expect clear and visible leadership, with a focus on efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement. We offer a competitive remuneration package and create opportunities for personal growth and career development.

The working environment at SWAN encourages collaborative working and knowledge sharing. We are proud of our culture of honesty, transparency and shared commitment to delivering quality service.

We believe that communication is key to creating a good working climate. We consult with all employees on work-related matters whenever required. We also listen to employees who voice their concerns and contribute their ideas.

We recognise and value the contribution our employees make to our success, and are committed to equal opportunities for all. We also provide a healthy and safe working environment to promote the well-being of every employee.

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