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Life at SWAN

Life at SWAN

Work at SWAN is all about people.

We design industry-leading financial products and services. We also build quality relationships with our clients and our employees.

We aim to provide a stimulating, supportive environment where our colleagues can make progress in their careers as they help our customers make progress in their lives.

In doing so, we attract and retain service-driven people who are committed to helping our customers achieve what they need to live the life they dream of. 

Kristine Tranquille, Group Facilities Department
"The flexibility and freedom we enjoy at SWAN encourage us to be entrepreneurial, responsible and creative. Moreover, our senior officials are always available, we can call them by their first name and they are at all times open to an exchange of ideas. SWAN is warmth, I am well taken care of and it’s the organisation within which I want to pursue my career.
Finally, how can we not mention the colleagues and the excellent working atmosphere? To consolidate our relationship, we participate in several outdoor activities together. Life at SWAN is a wonderful journey."

Charlene Chelliah, Pensions Department
"I am very lucky having the privilege to work at SWAN and I take pride each day to make my way to work. The day-to-day atmosphere is a professional, challenging, yet fun and friendly one. I really feel like forming part of a big family, where we get involved in teamwork and support each other."

Pascale Dansant, Accounts Department
"It has been 6 years now that I am a member of SWAN. I spend much more time at work than at home, inevitably I have become very close with my colleagues who I may also call friends. We depend on each other and we are bonded like a family.
SWAN offers a pleasant atmosphere and friendly environment. People here are very dynamic and full of resources. With the housing loan facilities, SWAN helped me to realise my dreams and projects. I can proudly say that at 25 I was the owner of a beautiful house. The healthcare plan is vital for me to cater for my baby’s health and the pension plan a security for my family.
With SWAN I’ve grown up as a professional, the various trainings I’ve gone through strengthen my knowledge. If we look at the company we are professionals and expert in what we do. As a client, I feel that SWAN cares for me as I have always got the support and help of each and every one.
Other words that come into my mind concerning SWAN is trust, sustainable, worthy, prestigious."

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