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Film Producers Indemnity

Film Producers Indemnity Insurance

Protect your production budget with our Film Producers Indemnity cover

Film Producers Indemnity Insurance (FI) is a specialised cover that will protect your production budget from losses that may arise during the production.

How can you be at risk?

You are exposed when circumstances that are beyond your control arise, like injury, illness or death of cast members, or delay or abandonment of a shoot.

How do we protect you?

By providing coverage for:

  • Nominated Key Cast and Crew
  • Extended Pre-Production Cast Insurance
  • Loss of Negative Film, Digital Media and Tape
  • Loss, damaged or destroyed Props, Sets and Wardrobe
  • Loss, damaged or destroyed Hired Equipment
  • Extra expense in the event of the Interruption, Postponement, or Cancellation of the Production
  • Third Party Damage
  • Loss, damaged or destroyed Office Contents – Film Producers
  • Loss of Money caused by Theft
  • Errors and Omissions Extension (Separate Cover)* can be provided upon satisfactory review of underwriting information and at an additional premium.

  • What do we need?

    • Duly filled Proposal Form
    • Production Budget
    • Script and Synopsis
    • SFX Risk Assessment
    • Details of all Stunts Breakdown
    • Confirmation if any Drone will be used. If so, proof of insurance from the Drone Operator is required as well as confirmation that all use is within CAA guidelines
      Cast DOOD (Shooting Schedule)
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