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Managing your Investment with confidence

Swan Wealth Managers Ltd is an independent investment manager with specialisation in wealth management, Investments advisory services and CIS management.

With Rs. 62.7 billion of assets under management, Swan Wealth Managers is one of the largest asset and wealth managers in Mauritius. Our investment portfolio strategies are supported by global market insights and a range of investment capabilities unmatched in the market.

Our independent financial products can be tailored to meet your needs and we offer investors a broad range of investment options in our foreign equity fund, mutual funds and structured solutions, catering for your unique financial objectives and risk profiles.

As a Swan Wealth Management client you will also have access to our detailed advisory services that provide strategic investment advice and help with growing and managing your portfolio. These services provide strategic back-up for your investment decisions, based on an in-depth understanding of both the market and your aspirations.


Assets Under Management
MUR Billion
Access to
International Fund Houses
Universe of 30,000 + and investment funds