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  • General Questions

    How do I make a claim?

    • If you need to make a claim under your non-motor insurance policy, call our claims department on 207-3500, 207-3604 or by e-mail
    • You can also download a claim form or obtain one from our offices:
      Claims department
      4th Floor Swan Centre
      Port Louis.
    • The claim form should be completed giving full details of the event, and returned to us with the necessary supporting documents.
    • If the event happens after business hours, in and there have been serious damages or fatal injuries, call us on the 5252-6785 or on 5859-3647

    Do I have to report all accidents or incidents to my insurance company?

    • Yes, you must report all accidents and incidents as you never know what will be the outcome of any accidents or incidents, particularly if people were injured or died, and whenever there is a third party involved
    • When you notify us of an accident or incident, we will be able to better assess the situation and take any appropriate action to safeguard the interests of all parties

    What is an excess?

    • The Amount of a claim for which You will be responsible and which We shall deduct from each and every claim payable to You as shown in the Policy Schedule.

    What can I recover if my insured item is declared a total loss?

    • Indemnity is provided when the market value of the insured’s item at the time of loss or its replacement is paid. The sum insured is the maximum amount paid in the case of total loss. If the insured item is on an agreed-value basis, the whole sum insured will be paid less any excess applicable
  • Property Damages

    Claiming for property damages

    • Notify SWAN immediately, and no later than five days, of all events that may give rise to a claim
    • You can notify us by contacting our claims officials by telephone, post, email or fax. You may also call in person at our offices to report the event and submit your claim
    • In the case of burglary, malicious damage or an act of vandalism, report the incident to the police authorities within 24 hours or the next working day, whichever is earlier, and notify SWAN of the incident
    • Provide us with full details of all expenses, and proof of your claim, describing the exact circumstances of the loss as fully and accurately as possible
  • Injury

    What to do if you are injured

    If you are injured and wish to make a claim, we require the following:

    • Written notice of the injury as soon as possible. If a person has died you must report it immediately
    • The policyholder or legal personal representatives must provide all the necessary information, at their own expense, that we may reasonably request
  • Liability Claim

    What to do if you are expecting a liability claim

    • You must give us notice within five days of the full details of any event likely to give rise to a claim Do not acknowledge any liability, compromise or settlement without our consent
    • The policyholder or legal personal representatives must, at their own expense, provide all the necessary information that we may reasonably require
207 3500