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Single Project Professional Indemnity

Single Project Professional Indemnity Insurance

Single Project, Tailor-made Insurance.

If you are a Professional/Service Provider, your annual Professional Indemnity Insurance might not have the appropriate Limit and does not cover large projects, for which work is done through Consortium or Joint Venture. If you are a Project Owner, the SPPI coverage is an insurance solution arranged around the lifecycle and needs of a specific construction project covering all service providers involved.

How can you be at risk?

As a Professional/Service Provider, you could be exposed in the event the other parties involved in the project blame you for defect or damage. As a Project Owner, you could be at risk if disputes arise between service providers or their insurers regarding liability for damages. SPPI is a complement to Construction All Risks policies and will bridge the coverage shortfalls under the Annual PI policies.

How do we protect you?

By providing coverage for:

  • Primary ‘Ground Up’ Cover for the design team for the duration of the project (Design, Build and Completion)
  • Negligence in Professional Services (Long-Term Cover)
  • Costs related to rectifying a Design/Workmanship Defect
  • Defence Costs in defending claims

  • What do we need?

    • Duly filled Proposal Form
    • Details of Project including all Relevant Reports
    • CV of Key Principals/Professionals
    • Profile of Insured Parties
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