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Reinsurance PCC

Our Services

Swan Re manages the business of the PCC as a whole.
Under this arrangement, Swan Re provides various services including:

Insurance management
Among other essential insurance management services, we ensure accurate underwriting, facilitate reinsurance negotiation and issue policy documentation.

Administration and financial
We maintain all accounting records. This includes processing all necessary entries for the cell, issuing invoices for the general insurance services and preparing management accounts within set deadlines. We also handle reinsurance accounts and solvency monitoring.

Audit and actuarial
We facilitate internal and external audit services, as well as actuarial reviews for regulatory and year-end statutory reporting.

Tax advisory
We facilitate specific tax advice to cellular shareholders, including tax calculations and tax returns.

Regulatory and compliance
We provide secretarial and directorship services to the PCC. We also perform local compliance, legal review and monitoring. We maintain diligent records in line with the FSC’s requirements.

Investment management
Under instruction from the cellular shareholders, we place investments for and manage the assets of the Cell, in full compliance with legal requirements.