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Apply for sms alerts service

With our SMS Alerts service you can get alerted of your claims settlement and those of your dependents. If you wish to subscribe to this service, please fill in the Application Form below.
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Disclaimer :
The Member agrees that the facility entitles him/her to use only a mobile phone registered in his/her name with the Mobile Service Provider as conveyed by him/her.
The Member understands that We reserve the right to make a correction to any information conveyed by an SMS in relation to this Service. The Member shall inform Us of any erroneous information conveyed in an SMS so that We may correct same.
The Member understand that by subscribing to this service, all claims settlement relating to his/her Dependents will be also communicated to the cell number provided herein.
Swan Insurance Co Ltd shall endeavour to provide this Service on a best effort basis and the Member shall not hold the latter responsible / liable for non-availability of this Service or any loss or damage caused as a result of use of the Facility.
The Member is fully responsible for the security and confidentiality of his/ her mobile phone number and PIN. In case of a change in mobile number mentioned therein and/or loss of the SIM, the Member shall immediately inform Us.
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