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SWAN - Cyclone communique
16 Jan 2024

Following the recent cyclonic conditions affecting the country, we understand that you may have been facing challenges, including possible damages to your vehicles. Your safety is our priority, and we are here to support you during your claims process.

Please fill in the claim form by clicking on the link:

Find herewith indications on how to better file your claim:

1. Document the damage – take clear photographs of the damage to your vehicles.

2. Provide details – provide relevant information such as your policy number, a written description of the damages, the location where your car was damaged and how it occurred.

3. Professional assessment – we will arrange for a professional assessment of the damage of your vehicles once your filled form is received. This step ensures an accurate evaluation for a fair and timely claims resolution.

4. Claim assistance – our team will assist you throughout your claim process and will answer your queries, provide updates, and ensure a smooth claims experience.

We remain available for further information on 2073444.

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SWAN - Cyclone communique
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