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Swan Life Ltd - Communique
28 Jun 2024

The market is advised that there will be a delay in publishing the Company's Accounts. The new dates for publication are as follows:

Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2023 31st August 2024
Condensed Unaudited Financial Statements for quarter ended 31st March 2024 30th September 2024
Condensed Unaudited Financial Statements for the half year and quarter ended 30th June 2024 31st October 2024

The delay results from the challenges being faced due to the first-time application of IFRS 17. In this connection, the Financial Services Commission has already extended the filing requirements.

The Company has obtained formal approval from the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd for the Accounts to be published on the dates mentioned above.

Swan Corporate Affairs Ltd
Company Secretary
28 June 2024

This communiqué is given pursuant to DEM Rule 21.1 and the Securities Act 2005.
The Board of Directors of Swan Life Ltd accepts full responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this notice.

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Swan Life Ltd - Communique
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