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SWAN SafeDrive
  • General Product Knowledge

    What is SWAN SafeDrive and what are the benefits?

    SWAN SafeDrive is a program that will help our policy holders to improve their driving habits by giving them (i) feedback and scores on their current driving, (ii) tips to improve their driving, and (iii) rewards.
    To participate in the SWAN SafeDrive program, policy holders should affix a telematics device on their windscreen and download an application on their mobile phone. Better driving reduces risks of accidents and helps to bring down fuel consumption and maintenance costs by reducing vehicle wear and tear. Eligible participants will be offered a free TOTAL Card upon enrolling on the program and they can also benefit from free petrol as rewards for good driving behaviors. Rewards will be subject to terms and conditions.

    Who can subscribe to the program?

    Subscription is only open to owners of vehicles that are insured under a comprehensive cover with SWAN. Japanese and Korean vehicles should be of year 2016 and later and other vehicles should be of year 2017 and later. Subscription is open for both individual passenger vehicles and corporate vehicles. For corporate vehicles however, only those vehicles that are exclusively driven by a specific driver can participate in the program. For the launching phase, the program will be open to the first 100 applicants regardless of the age of the vehicle. Only comprehensive insurance policies with a remaining term of at least 6 months will qualify though.

    What if it is not the policy holder who regularly drives the insured vehicle?

    Any person, other than the policy holder, who regularly drives the vehicle can be registered as the Primary Driver of the insured vehicle to participate in the program. The application to join the program should however be made by the policy holder.

    Can a vehicle have more than one Primary Driver?

    Only one Primary Driver is allowed per vehicle and it will normally be the person who drives the vehicle most often. Corporate vehicles with more than one regular driver will not be allowed into the program.

    Can someone be the Primary Driver of more than one vehicle?

    A person can be the Primary Driver of more than one participating vehicle, provided he/she has been authorized by the Policy Holder. Even if he/she is the Primary Driver for more than one vehicle, the person will need to download and register on the mobile application only once and all driving scores from the multiple devices will be consolidated under his/her account.

    What if someone is the owner of more than one eligible vehicle insured with SWAN?

    Someone who has more than eligible vehicle insured with SWAN can take a subscription for each vehicle and each vehicle will be allocated a telematics device. The Primary Driver can be the same person for all the vehicles, or the vehicles can have different Primary Drivers.

    What if someone is not already insured with SWAN?

    Provided the vehicle satisfies the year of manufacture criteria, the person should first subscribe to a comprehensive motor insurance policy with SWAN. The insurance policy can be taken directly with Swan or through an agent or a broker.

    What type of mobile phone is required for using SWAN SafeDrive?

    An iOS (Apple) mobile phone with iOS 10 upwards or an Android phone with version 4.4 upwards. For the application to operate correctly, bluetooth, location services, and Wi-Fi should be enabled on the phone.

    How to subscribe?

    The policy holder needs to call in person at SWAN Head Office or at any branch located at Ebene, Grand Baie La Croisette, Flacq, Tamarin with his National Identity Card. Only the policy holder of a vehicle can apply for subscription even if he is not the Primary Driver of the vehicle. Subscription can be taken with a new policy or when a policy is being renewed.

    Who should be contacted for subscription?

    IBU Customer Service at the Head Office or any branch or the sales representative at Leal & Co Ltd and Axess.

    What if a policy holder is insured through an agent or a broker?

    The broker or agent should ask the Policy Holder to complete the Telematics Subscription Form and send it to SWAN Head Office altogether with a copy of the policy holder’s National ID Card following which a telematics pack will be sent to the broker or agent. The policy holder can alternatively choose to call at the Head Office or at any branch with his National ID Card to enroll.

    Is there any subscription fee for SWAN SafeDrive?

    There is currently no subscription fee for SWAN SafeDrive.

    Can a policy holder join the program if his policy was already renewed or if his policy is nearly expiring?

    Ongoing policies should normally have a remaining term of at least 6 months for the policy holder to be able to join the program. However, this may be reviewed by the Manager – Motor Business on a case to case basis.

    Can a subscriber leave the program at any time?

    Subscribers should stay in the program for a minimum period of 6 months.

    What should a subscriber do if he wishes to leave the program or if he does not renew his motor insurance policy at expiry?

    A subscriber who wishes to leave the program or who chooses not to renew his motor insurance policy at expiry should return the telematics device to either the Head Office or to any branch within a period of 2 weeks.

    What happens if the telematics device is lost, stolen, or damaged?

    A replacement fee of Rs 1,000 is payable in case the telematics device is lost, stolen, or damaged. Should a loss, theft, or damage not be reported to Swan, the inactivity of the telematics device will be automatically detected, and the subscriber will be charged Rs 1,000 in case he cannot surrender the telematics device to SWAN upon request.

    What happens if the vehicle is sold or if the vehicle is scrapped following an accident?

    The telematics device should be returned to SWAN in case the vehicle is sold or scrapped, and a new subscription should be processed should the subscriber wish to have the telematics device in another vehicle.

    Can the subscriber use the telematics device in another vehicle?

    The telematics device should under no circumstance be used in a vehicle other than the insured vehicle. If the subscriber changes vehicle, a new subscription will have to be processed even if the subscriber will keep using the same user account and retain his/her scores.

SWAN SafeDrive