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Swan Reinsurance PCC

Protected Cell Companies

Risk exists in every business. Managing that risk is often a daunting task. While traditional insurance may help some organisations to manage their risks, others may have more complex needs. Swan Re PCC offers protected cell facilities where each insured business is legally segregated from all other cells in the chosen vehicle. These cells can be used by customers who wish to have a direct-writing or reinsurance facility without the need to establish a separate captive insurance company. This is a growing area that helps businesses achieve their strategic goals.

PCCs are created with a special legal structure that comprises core capital, core assets and liabilities, cellular capital and cellular assets and liabilities. This structure enables segregation of assets of each cell of the company, thus enabling ring-fencing amongst the various protected cells.

The PCC has four characteristics:

  • Core patrimony – commonly referred to as the core cell
  • Cellular patrimonies – where the core patrimony is divided in different protected cells
  • Legal entity – the PCC has its own judicial personality
  • Segregation of assets and liabilities

Protected Cell Companies