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Swan Reinsurance PCC


Using a PCC provides various benefits, including:

Insure the uninsurable
Access tailored insurance that may not be readily available, or which may be prohibitively expensive on the commercial insurance market

Reduce costs

Avoid the high costs of sales, marketing and administration usually associated with commercial insurance companies

Retain and manage risk and control losses
Cell owners can retain their own risk to achieve lower premiums when maintaining a history that is better than the industry average

Improve cash flow
Earn investment income to enable more flexible premium payment plans, which can assist with cashflow, budgeting and planning

Access the reinsurance market
Access the reinsurance market more directly, at lower cost than provided on the commercial market

Diversify into a profit centre
Generate potential profits from third-party unrelated businesses by diversifying into open market insurance operations while operating as a separate commercial profit centre

Access to a well-regulated domicile
Captives offer the opportunity to domicile in a well-regulated environment that is professional yet business-friendly

Alternative capital solutions
Insurance regulations today are very demanding in terms of capital reserves. Captives provide alternative solutions to the high demand of capital requirement for insurance companies, as well as solvency relief