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Swan Income Fund

Swan Income Fund

I want to grow my income

  • Visibility on your capital
  • Receive income every 6 months
  • Exit when you want
  • Minimum investment of MUR 35,000

The Fund aims to provide income with opportunity for capital growth over the medium to long term by investing primarily in fixed income instruments while maintaining a low to medium risk strategy. Between 70% to 100% of the Fund will be invested in fixed income instruments and up to 30% of the assets will be invested in equities, cash and money-market instruments.

Why invest:

  • A conservative investment that provides stable income. An alternative to your traditional savings account.
  • A solution to your cash flow concerns. An efficient structure where more of your hard-earned money will be “put to work”.
  • A fixed income product that generates income in USD.
  • Accessible investments with an affordable minimum.
  • Regular cash flow offers more investment possibilities.
  • Options to reinvest income at your will.
  • Possibility to withdraw your money in case of emergency/ unforeseen event.
  • Complement your retirement and savings plan


Download the Factsheet (MRU)
Download the Factsheet (USD)
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